Month: December 2016

Reject Assisted Suicide Law

BY: Dr. Ralph A. Capone Pittsburgh Tribune Review via TribLive.com In response to the news story “Efforts to introduce ‘Death with Dignity’ laws in Pa. stall”: Enshrining a new right in Pennsylvania, the right to assisted suicide, would involve an act unachievable without third-party assistance. And so, the medical profession will be enlisted, willingly or not, …

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Physician-Assisted Suicide is Too Risky

BY: Dr. Gregg Schmedes Albuquerque Journal Amidst a surprise presidential election, our neighbors to the north have approved physician-assisted suicide, by a margin of 2-to-1. While I applaud the intention of Coloradans to relieve suffering, let’s examine what they’ve actually done. Physician-assisted suicide allows terminally ill patents to ask a doctor to prescribe them a …

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