Month: November 2020

Assisted suicide cannot be regulated, ripe for abuse and coercion

  Any moral society has a duty and a responsibility to protect and defend the vulnerable and the marginalized. But the assisted suicide legislation some Massachusetts lawmakers are considering is a dangerous public policy that threatens the most vulnerable in society: the elderly, people with disabilities, and the terminally ill. Now in the midst of …

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Hospice versus palliative care

  Palliative care and hospice are sometimes mistaken as the same thing, even though they’re quite different. Learning about each option can help adults identify which option is best for them should they one day require daily assistance. Palliative care Palliative care may be available at any time for individuals with serious and potentially life-threatening …

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November is National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

Today is National Hospice & Palliative Care Month Social Media Action Day! We hope you’ll join us for this day of sharing positive images and stories of hospice and palliative care, using #hapcFacesofCaring and #HospiceMonth. #assistedsuicide #caringnotkilling #endoflifecare

Assisted suicide is flawed

As pastors, we see firsthand the issues that the most vulnerable members of our society face. I see what happens when one life is deemed more valuable than another and that is exactly why we are opposed to legalizing assisted suicide in Massachusetts. Assisted suicide unfairly targets the most vulnerable: the terminally ill, people with …

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