Assisted Suicide: A flawed and dangerous law


It is no surprise to me that, a whole year after the District of Columbia enacted a law to allow assisted suicide, just two out of approximately 11,000 licensed D.C. physicians are willing to participate. On top of that only one hospital has cleared doctors to participate. The law allows patients with a prognosis of six months or less to be prescribed by a doctor a fatal dose of drugs to end their life. This law is flawed and dangerous for many reasons that would give anyone pause, but especially someone who has dedicated their life to healing.

For millennia, a physician’s focus has been on sustaining life and healing patients who approach him or her for care. Assisted suicide laws distort that traditional focus, medicalizing actions which lead to death and have no place in the physician-patient relationship. How can trust between patients and their doctors survive when the healer is willing to play a direct and deliberate role in causing their patient’s demise?


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