Assisted Suicide is Not What it Seems

In a special interview with the widow of former US Marine JJ Hanson who succumbed to terminal brain cancer after living three years past what the docs expected, we cover the very difficult topic of the so-called “Right to Die.” I interviewed JJ on NJ 101.5 after he was 18 months past where the docs told him he would live.

Then, I interviewed him again nearly two years after the deadly diagnosis as the battle in Trenton heated up over physician assisted suicide.

On December 30, 2017, three years after he was told he’d have maybe four months to live, JJ did succumb to the illness.

That has not stopped (it’s actually inspired) his widow, Kristen, to take up the fight against what I’ve called the movement in society to “sanitize suicide”. Kristen is a strong voice for a generation of patients battling disease and disabled people fighting for every day they have on earth. In JJ’s case, he and his wife wouldn’t give back one day they spent together after being told it was impossible.

This week, in the place of our regular #SpeakingPodcast, I’ll drop the conversation I had with Kristen where she discusses the main reasons why many people are starting to rethink their position on Doctor Assisted Suicide.

Listen to the Podcast on NJ 101.5…

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