‘Death With Dignity’ Bill Heard for Second Time in Alaska

Hanson is a U.S. Marine war veteran, husband, and father, who went to the hospital in 2004 after experiencing a grand mal seizure. After being cleared by doctors after a CAT Scan, he told the committee, his wife insisted an MRI. That’s when they found two inoperable brain tumors — Grade Four Glioblastoma.

“But, if this legislation was legal at the time I was diagnosed and told I was terminal, I could have gotten a doctor prescribed suicide pill when I was in good spirits and motivated to fight my illness. I could have had them with me as I laid in bed during month five when I was in pain and questioning whether life was worth living. I could have had them on my night stand and no doctor would have have been with me as I wondered, am I too much of a burden to my family? I could have had them at a time when my entire family was under a great deal of stress trying to cope with my illness, and then I ask the question, is ending my life easier than this? I thought about it and I considered it. Ultimately, I did not end my life and that is why I am here today.”

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