Disability Rights Advocates Testify Against Assisted Suicide in NYC

“As disabled people know very well, doctors often make mistakes about whether a person is terminal or not. In June, 2009, while living in Washington state, my mother was determined to be in the final stages of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and placed in hospice. Two months later, I was told that her body had begun the process of dying. . . Almost nine years later, she is still alive, lives in her own home in the community and is reasonably active.”

Cameron is also deeply concerned about the cost-cutting pressures in healthcare. “Although assisted suicide requests in Oregon are lower among Blacks and people of color, that doesn’t mean that this won’t change in more diverse areas, especially as healthcare support lessens,” she said. “Because of the racist, profit-driven nature of our health care system and the tendency of doctors to devalue the lives of disabled, people of color and the poor, assisted suicide has no place as an option in New York.”

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