Dying Wish: Arguing the Right to Die

CBS News
February 21, 2016

What if a patient’s DYING WISH is to die on his or her own terms? It’s a passionately debated topic within families — and within state legislatures — and not even the terminally ill are in agreement. Our Cover Story is reported by Rita Braver:

As a U.S. Marine, J.J. Hanson survived combat in Iraq. But after he got home, his life was suddenly in peril.

“We were having a lunch meeting, and all of a sudden I started getting this intense feeling,” he said. “And my hands started to shake and started to sweat. I said, ‘Guys, there’s something wrong with me. You need to call 911.'”

His wife, Kristen, recalls: “I got the phone call from the EMT telling me that he had had a seizure, and it was nothing but a feeling of shock: My perfectly-healthy husband was in the hospital.”

After an MRI, the news got worse: Kristen Hanson’s 33-year-old husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.

See the video and read the rest of the story here.

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