He Was Given 4 Months to Live, but Refused Assisted Suicide. Here’s Where His Fight Led.

They received the same diagnosis—and chose two very different paths

J.J. Hanson—a loving husband, father, and Marine—was diagnosed in spring 2014 with grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, the deadliest form of brain cancer. He was right in the prime of his life.

This aggressive cancer was the same disease that prompted Brittany Maynard to take her life by physician-assisted suicide in Oregon in that same year.

As Brittany’s story made headlines, J.J. recognized the subtle pressure for patients like himself to follow suit and do the same. Instead, he used his final days to speak out against physician-assisted suicide and its ill effects on society.

Now, others are seeking to preserve his legacy and continue his work—including his widow, Kristen Hanson. She spoke on a panel during a recent Heritage Foundation event titled, “J.J. Hanson’s Living Legacy: Renewing Our Will to Live and Love Until the End of Life.”

Kristen talked about J.J’s desire for her to share his story as a way to bring hope to patients and their families.

“That’s why I’m here today,” Kristen shared. “J.J. adamantly opposed assisted suicide till the very end and one of the last things that he asked of me was that I would continue sharing our story to protect vulnerable patients who are going to be put at risk with these laws. I’m doing that for him and for all those who don’t even know that they need someone fighting for them.”

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