Medical Center Sued for Refusing to Perform Assisted Suicide

As is always the case with the leftist radicals, they are never content with floating comfortably close to the islands of reason. No, for the bastion of conservatism is there.  So, upon achieving a “victory” in the name of progress, social justice, or equality, they always quickly move on to the seemingly never-ending next leap deeper into the sea of liberal insanity.

In that sea, of course, are many dangerous sharks.

The most recent plunge deeper by the left comes to you out of San Francisco where children are suing a hospital on behalf of their now deceased parent, for not killing aforementioned parent while they were still living, battling cancer.

Currently, no hospital or doctor can be forced to perform an assisted suicide. This lawsuit outrageously seems to advocate that somehow not assisting in the death of another should be a crime and is a form of abuse.

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