Public Support for Assisted Suicide Falls Dramatically When They Hear the Main Argument Against it


Dr Gordon Macdonald, Senior Policy Officer with CARE for Scotland said there was “no evidence” of a shift in opinion among MSPs on the issue. He said: “The public when presented with the main arguments opposed to assisted suicide show that there is no overwhelming support for that proposal. “Rather support for assisted suicide falls dramatically [to less than 50 per cent] when the public get the opportunity to hear the main argument against it, that it would put vulnerable people at risk. For these reasons MSPs should reject any new efforts to change the law in this area.” He pointed to “year on year increases” in the number of people committing suicide with state assistance where it is legal. “In Switzerland, the number of assisted suicides has increased by over 2,500 per cent in the same period with alarming levels of assisted suicide tourism now occurring,” he added.

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