Suicide rates surging among young girls: study

Assisted suicide laws send the message that under difficult circumstances, some lives are not worth living. Unfortunately, this is a message that will be heard not only by terminally ill individuals, but by all vulnerable persons who are tempted to take their own lives.

Suicide is now a public health crisis: according to the CDC suicide is currently the 2rd leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults.  Permitting assisted suicide will worsen this public health crisis.

“Suicide rates among young girls are rising, according to a new study.

Boys still commit suicide more often than girls, but the gap is narrowing, a Friday paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association found.

Since 2007, the suicide rate for girls ages 10 to 14 has increased by about 13% per year. It’s gone up about 7% per year for boys in the same age group…

‘What we’re seeing is alarming,” Ruch told Time. “On top of the fact that females are thinking about suicide more and attempting suicide more, now they’re actually completing suicide.'”

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