Two D.C. residents ended their lives through assisted suicide in 2018, report says


At least two terminally ill D.C. residents ended their lives last year under a medical aid-in-dying law, according to city statistics released Friday…

Neither profile in the report fits the case of Mary Klein, a 70-year-old Crestwood resident with ovarian cancer who became the public face for the aid-in-dying movement in the District. Last year, The Washington Post chronicled Klein’s story and her challenges in finding a doctor willing to prescribe her the drugs before her August 2018 medication-assisted death.

Health officials declined to address the apparent discrepancy, citing privacy concerns. They said the report may not include people who requested fatal medication if the city did not receive records of the pharmacy dispensing the drugs…

Kristen Hanson of the Patients Rights Action Fund, which opposes assisted suicide, said the D.C. report lacks critical details, such as how many doctors have registered with the program and whether the patients who used the law faced complications after ingesting the medication.

“What we do know is that this public policy is dangerous to many . . . whose lives are at grave risk of mistakes, coercion and even abuse,” Hanson, whose late husband advocated against similar laws, said in a statement.

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